Ware College House Staff

The Senior Staff is comprised of University faculty and administrative staff members who ensure the smooth functioning of Ware College House. They coordinate the activities of the graduate associates and resident advisors and the many other organizers in the House. Additionally, the Senior Staff bears the formal responsibility of advocating for the House with other departments of the University.

Every floor in Ware has a residential team member who helps make your life here fun, interesting, comfortable, and safe. Ware boasts an exceptional staff of resident advisors (RAs) with academic interests ranging from nursing to business to American Sign Language to international relations to engineering to law. In addition to being Penn students carrying academic loads, they are the main House program organizers, advisors, and counselors. They arrange activities, listen to your problems, proofread your papers, and take the lead in emergency situations. The RA team member on your floor is your first line of assistance whenever you need help.

Mark Liberman

Faculty Director

Sonia Elliott

House Director

Monica Velasco Gonzalez

Faculty Fellow

Alicia Risner Bauman

Faculty Fellow

Brendann Murphy

House Coordinator