Alicia Risner Bauman

Faculty Fellow

I first arrived on campus January, 2021.  I am a full time faculty member at the School for Dental Medicine.  My primary responsibilities include managing the Personalized Care Suite and to teaching future dentists how to successfully treat individuals with speical needs requiring accomdations for care, such as persons with developmental disabilities.  I obtained my DDS from the University of Iowa in 1993.  I have owned and manged my own practice, worked in dental insurance, acted as a consultant for the Commonwealth of PA, and primarily pracitced in clinics treating underserved populations prior to coming to Penn Dental to share my knowledge and pass the torch to the new dental practitioners.  

My interests and hobbies revolve around the many amazing applications of science that surround our lives each day.  I love music, arts and crafts, physical activities of all types, movies, gardening and plants, good conversation, and great coffee.  In each of these areas, I can relate science in some way; for example, how colors are defined and can change based on lighting and texture, the chemistry of cooking, why plants do what they do... and so much more!  My programs and activities will focus on enjoying an assortment of activities and teaching how science can influence the outcomes of each.   

My husband, Bill, our children Elizabeth and Matthew, and I have hosted 13 exchange students from 11 different countries, and numerous adults through various programs with Rotary International.  I am now grateful to have the opportunity to welcome the members of Ware House to their home away from home in the same way that we have our now extended family members.