Welcome To Ware College House

Welcome Warewolves! What's it like to live in Ware College House. Well, it is...


WARE — You will meet your first friends on campus! A stroll through a Butcher/Speakman or out on the Lower Quad might take you past the future maid of honor at your wedding, your partner in that next great startup, the friend you’ll name your child after, or the first person to break your heart.


WARE — You’ll have some of the most fun you’ve ever had. Whether its relaxing in a friend’s room, shooting pool in MoBo, or hanging a hammock on the Lower Quad, you’ve found a great place to unwind and enjoy your new life. And you’ll find no shortage of organized activities as well, from our Tuesday’s Dinner With Interesting People to Friday’s Ware Night-Ins to Sunday Night Sundaes. And you’ll have plenty of chances to step beyond the Quad gates too, with trips to shows, museums, theme parks, ballgames, and more.


WARE — You’ll learn how to live on your own. College House life is a new experience for you and just about everyone around you. If something is confusing you or even scaring you, we guarantee there’s someone near you who feels the same way. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. You also might make some big, big mistakes. But, hey, mistakes are how we learn. We have rules here, and you might break one or two. We only ask that you take responsibility for your actions, and your choices, and that you face the consequences with maturity and a desire to grow. We don’t bite. Honest.


WARE — You’ll learn about yourself. From little things like “what’s my favorite hoagie at Wawa” to big questions of sexuality, politics, identity, and how you relate to the world around you, you’ve begun a journey that will change your understanding of who you are and what you’re doing on this planet. If you walk out of Ware the same person you were when you walked in, well... one of us is doing something wrong.


Learn more about Ware by clicking around our website, following us on Facebook and Instagram, and taking a look at our Youtube channel. Living in Ware is great and we welcome all our new neighbors.