Welcome To Ware College House

Welcome Warewolves! Ware College House is a community of thoughtfulness and respect. We value knowing our neighbors and getting caught caring (you get a movie ticket when we catch you doing something nice for another resident). Your first year in college can be a bit daunting and a little lonely. In Ware we strive to help you meet people who share your interests and build enduring friendships.


Take a look at the staff intro video we showed at our house meeting at the beginning of last year. It's a great example of the quality work we do, our spirit of fun, and each staff member's individuality. You can view it here. Get ready for the premiere of newest staff video at our House Meeting on Wednesday, August 22!


Ware's programs are designed to help you learn, laugh, explore Penn and Philadelphia, and make friends. We sponsors trips to museums, performing arts events, amusement parks, and more. From numerous hall events to weekly dinners with interesting people to open mic nights, the Ware is a happening place.


The size and configuration of rooms and suites in Ware vary greatly, though everyone loves being in the heart of the Quad and campus. Ware boasts two kitchens, a library, music practice rooms, a fitness room, McClelland Café, computer labs, study rooms, seminar rooms, a central lounge with a pool table and air hockey, and a rooftop lounge with pool and foosball.

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