M&T Program Community

M&T (Management and Technology) students are enrolled in a rigorous coordinated dual-degree Program that offers access to two distinct schools as well as a smaller, tight-knit community. This Program sets up high academic expectations within an already-challenging curriculum. The M&T Program Community has the potential to provide an opportunity for these students to get to know each other more deeply and develop a support system to combat unhealthy competition, “Penn face”, and feelings of disconnection. In addition, it may provide a safe space to practice vulnerability, curiosity about diversity, and new academic strategies needed to succeed further in the Program.  We will foster an inclusive and supportive community where M&T students can build a peer network to help them thrive personally and academically during their first year at Penn.

To Apply to this Program:

Submit an online housing application.  There is no essay required for M&T students but your participation in the M&T degree program will be verified before you are accepted to live in the Program Community.

You can also visit the Program Communities page for additional information.