Women in Science

The Women in Science floor focuses on increasing the participation and success of women in scientific and technical careers across all curricula. Guided by Dr. Helen Davies, the first female Professor of Microbiology in the School of Medicine and our hallmate, we work closely with the Association of Women in Science and other academic groups through sponsored lectures and dinners, offsite activities, and programs. In addition, residents in this program have access to a wealth of scientific resources across the university. Together with the Study of Infectious Diseases program community, residents lead biweekly brunch meetings with Dr. Davies to discuss recent progress of women in science and emerging infectious diseases. These two programs are located on the 2nd floor of Rodney/Coxe/EF Smith. Even though residents come with a diverse background and set of interests, they are united by a common passion for different areas of science and/or infectious diseases. Because of this, the hall very quickly develops into a close-knit and supportive community of friends that lasts long beyond their time in Ware.

Submit an online housing application. You're required to submit an essay as part of the Program Community application process. Please answer this question on your application and not the general question listed on the application site.

  • Describe your role model and how their story has helped you develop as a woman in science.

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