Trent Thompson

Graduate Associate
Speakman 3rd Floor

Greetings, neighbor! My name is Trent, and I am your Speakman 3rd floor GA.

I hail from Kailua, Hawai’i on the island of O’ahu, and come to Penn via Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. At Sacred Heart, I studied for my B.S. in Business Economics while participating in NCAA Div. 1 volleyball, the Honors College, and most notably, residential life as an RA working with first-year students for three years. 

Here at Penn I am studying for my Master’s in Behavioral and Decision Sciences, concentrating in behavioral/neuroeconomics, which is just a fancy way of saying I wish to learn more about the effects of cognitive, psychological, and social factors on human decision making, especially when it comes to the choices we make regarding our happiness, relationships, health, use of time and money, et cetera.

Outside of the classroom I love to read (big nonfiction guy), search for and listen to new music, play volleyball (indoor and beach), body surf, and get into those deep (philosophical) conversations.

With that said, please stop by Speakman 312 to say hello! Song and book suggestions are not just welcomed, they are encouraged.

Welcome to Ware!