Ryan Leone

Resident Advisor
Butcher and Speakman 4th Floor--Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Welcome to Ware! I’m excited to meet all of you soon! My name is Ryan and I’m a pre-med senior in the LSM Dual-Degree Program from Long Island, NY, studying BBB in the College and Healthcare Management in Wharton. On campus, I’m the President Emeritus of the Kite and Key Society, Penn’s oldest service organization that runs the university’s official campus tours, so feel free to ask for some quirky school facts! I’m also the President and Founder of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative’s student group, a running back on the Varsity Sprint Football team, a volunteer at the VA Medical Center, a writer and editor for Synapse, a research assistant for a Traumatic Brain Injury lab, and a member of the AIR and SigEp fraternities. I’m a HUGE fan of reading and writing poetry, listening to pop-punk music, and having deep conversations. Stop by Speakman 416 if you have any questions or just want to chat!