Laura Lagunez

Graduate Associate
Butcher and Chesnut 1st Floor--Arts & Well Being

Pialli Niltze! (Hello!)

My name is Laura Lagunez and I am a second year Masters Student in Public Health.

I hail from Dallas, TX. Yeehaw! 

Even though I grew up in the Lone Star State, I have deep cultural roots to my Navajo and Nahua Mexican ancestry and am committed to serve as a bridge for such cultural narratives in the public health sector.

 I received my B.S. in Animal Science and minor in Natural Resources at Cornell University in 2017.

Some of my research interests include Incorporating intentional and culturally relevant public health programs in marginalized communities, Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, Ethnobotany, and Holistic Health.

When I am not nerding out on plant or animal biology, you can find me hiking, walking other people's dogs, salsa dancing, and playing the cello and ukulele.

: )

My door is always open if you want to hang out or chat! Looking forward to living in Philly and getting to know everyone at Ware!