Kathryn Wilson

Resident Advisor
Butcher and Chesnut 3rd Floor

My name is Kathryn Wilson and I am a senior in the School of Nursing minoring in nutrition. I have loved my time here at Penn so far, had some incredible experiences, and met some amazing people. I am a member of the Penn Glee Club where I play bass, and I spend a lot of time in the music and performing arts community here. I also teach piano and flute to children from West Philadelphia through the After School Arts Program or ASAP run by the Platt Performing Arts House. In my free time I work at a clinic called Puentes de Salud which serves the uninsured latino population in Philadelphia. Some of my other interests include cooking and baking, reading, running, hiking, and writing music. I also speak both English and Spanish. I look forward to helping make your freshman year here at Penn positive and memorable and I hope you come to love this school as much as I do!