Jordan Sanders

Resident Advisor
Butcher 3rd Floor

Hi friends! I'm Jordan, and I'm one of the resident advisors in Ware. I grew up just outside of Atlanta, and I'm a Georgia peach through and through. I am currently a super senior in Wharton and the School of Nursing. I'm studying nursing (go figure) and health care management. In the nursing school, I research how work environments affect patient, nurse and hospital outcomes. I also work at the climbing wall and as a guide for the outdoor adventure program. Come hike, climb, or paddle with me! I'm on the board of the Wharton Leadership Ventures which coordinates experiential education programs for the business students. We go rafting, climbing, sailing and on scavenger hunts. In my spare time, I like to explore Philadelphia, swing in my hammock, and read. I love board games, card games or anything that gets people to laugh together. Be prepared for some fun team bonding games. I am beyond excited to be an RA again this year and look forward to meeting as many residents as I can. This summer, I’m working for a conservation organization as a trail crew leader for high school students in national parks. I do fun things like slide down waterfalls, square dance, and eat lots of ice cream. I hope you’re having a great summer too, and I'll see you in August.