Jamie Gobreski

Resident Advisor
Butcher and Speakman 2nd Floor

Jamie Gobreski is a senior majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Spanish. Originally from Philadelphia, Jamie loves roasted cauliflower, popcorn, olive oil, and coffee, and her most updated social media account is goodreads. In addition to being an RA in Ware, Jamie also serves as Music Editor for 34th Street Magazine, and is currently working on her thesis. During her time at Penn, she's done research on urban rising waters through the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities, been a site leader for Penn Alternative Breaks, gone abroad to Buenos Aires, and done political volunteer work (including for Hillary Clinton), and she can talk your ear off about any of these things. She's most excited to get new book and music recommendations from her residents and in return will show off her favorite local cafes!