Camellia Heart

Graduate Associate
Speakman 2nd Floor

Hi everyone! I am a first year graduate student in SP2 pursuing my MSW. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2017, where I was involved in the Panhellenic community as well as Free The Girls, an organization supporting survivors of human trafficking. I then moved to DC where I worked in a day center for women experiencing homelessness.

I hope to become a doula and perinatal social worker. Aside from birth and babies, my interests include pineapple pizza, spending time outside (perhaps exercising, but perhaps not) and with friends, reading, and a lot of coffee.

This will be my first time in Philly so I am open to any and all recommendation for food, live music, and other activities! Please feel free to come to me with anything and everything!

I cannot wait to meet and spend the year with all of you!