Melanie Scholtz, Creativity in Isolation




South African Jazz Singer and Collage Artist from New York City, Melanie Scholtz on ZOOM

Creativity in Isolation : We will  explore how creativity adapts to different conditions and different emotional climates. Whether it be digital or analogue, let’s take a look at how isolation influences our feelings of creativity  and our need for contact and community as humans. I will be speaking on how we can use technology with the use of inexpensive and or free apps to create artwork. Exploring the use of songwriting/ music production  apps such as Garage band to create a soundscape to go with our art. It all culminates in a slideshow featuring both the original music and artwork we made. The analogue aspect , not forgotten , explores  social  and environmental consciousness  , by using recycling as a form of art and the topics of todays struggles as a focal point.  Both these art directions, whether it is with a swipe or a crop , a brush or sticky glue finger , serve to heal and create wellness and peace within a restless and isolated soul during a pivotal time in the world’s history.


Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM