Make Move-In Easier

Moving into Ware:

1. Please go to your room first without a cart to scope out the best route.

2. We recommend entering at 36th and Spruce (the Lower Quad Gate) if you are moving into: Butcher, Chesnet, Coxe, EF Smith, Rodney, or 1st floor Speakman. Enter at 37th and Spruce (the Upper Quad Gate) if you are moving into Bodine, Morgan, Morris, Speakman 2nd-4th, and Wilson.

3. Going to the door of the building you are moving into will be the most efficient. The doors are all labeled. While there is an elevator in Morris, you cannot go with a cart to any other buildings than Bodine (all floors), Morgan 3rd, Morris (all floors), and Wilson 3rd.

4. Please move all of your trash to the appropriate dumpsters outside Memorial Tower, Provost Tower, or Speakman.