Literature and Culture

Welcome to the 2013-2014 LitCult!

Under the direction of College House Fellow Prof. Kevin M. F. Platt (Comparative Literature Program and Slavic Department), the LitCult serves as a home base and launching pad for students who are dedicated humanists: people who are passionate about literature, the arts and culture, and intend to explore majors in humanistic fields. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded students, faculty and staff, within the House and across campus. The LitCult sponsors recurrent events aimed just at its residents, as well as humanities-themed events for the entire House. Planned activities include short-story readings over a home-cooked meal, in-depth conversations with various members of Penn’s humanities faculty accompanied by dinner;  office hours in the Ware with writing help; student-led events of various kinds; and a variety of cultural events.

LitCult 2012-2013: Short Story Long Dinner



Dr. Platt invites you to the Big Table of Culture

Dr. Platt is Captain of the LitCult