Literature and Culture

Welcome to the 2015-2016 LitCult!

LitCult is a gathering place for students with a passion for reading, writing, theatre, and any other form of creative culture. Run through House Dean Amanda and her husband Noah with GA Katie Somer, regular meetings will include visits from faculty and a number of off campus guests. We’ll do readings of new works (and old?), dinners, outings and encourage all our members to create, or just share their passions for the creations of others. Some events will be just for the LitCult crew and some will be for the whole Ware community.  Traditionally, LitCult has called itself “a home base and launching pad for students who are dedicated humanists.” Whether you’re a humanist, or just a human, you’re sure to find some like-minded fellows here in LitCult.

LitCult 2012-2013: Short Story Long Dinner